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Tulsa is 72nd Most Walkable City

27 Mar

According to the extensive survey conducted by Prevention.com Tulsa falls into the countries 100 most walkable cities, barely, at number 72. While not necessarily modern, this is relevant in my opinion in the sense that sustainability of society is very similar to the preservation of architecture. The goals are similar in my eyes and complement each other: preserve our cities architectural uniqueness and promote the walk-ability and charm of urban Tulsa. Do others agree?

100 Best Walking Cities- by the editors of prevention
tulsa walking When Prevention and the American Podiatric Medicine Association (APMA) evaluated the 100 most populous US cities for the ranking, the criterion that counted most was the percentage of people who regularly walked–either for fitness and health or to get to and from work. APMA President Dr. Harold Glickman says, “The Best Walking Cities competition recognizes those cities that don’t just ‘talk the talk’ but literally ‘walk the walk.’”

Other criteria included various walking-friendly attributes such as low crime rates, mild year-round temperatures, the number of cultural attractions, participation in recreational sports, and pet ownership.

The overall survey included more than 18,000 topics of information about the top 100 cities from sources including the Census Bureau, other government agencies, and market research surveys.

In addition to the top 10 walking cities, other major US cities ranked as follows: New York (25); San Francisco (34); San Diego (16); Los Angeles (43); Seattle (22); Boston (26); Phoenix (33); Philadelphia (31); Chicago (77); Houston (42); Minneapolis (71); Miami (79). The complete rankings are listed here.

Recent Tulsa World Article

Walkable Urbanism in Tulsa

29 Feb

Gen X’ers are speaking out across the nation and setting a new trend towards walkable urbanism – a place you can live, work, shop and play – all within walking distance. This trend has already hit critical mass in cities such as Washington DC., Denver, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle, which are rated as our country’s most walkable cities. Will Tulsa follow this trend?

Tulsans have been living the so called American Dream for the past 50-60 years. The big house, gas guzzlers in the driveway and a big lawn to mow are part of the low density suburban lifestyle consumers have dictated in the past. But is the American Dream changing?

We drive to work, we drive to the grocery store, and we drive to the gym these days. The problems are becoming clearer as developments continue to rise further away from downtown. Effects of sub-urbanism have begun to take their toll on our health and environment, with driving being linked to an increased rate of obesity and greenhouse gas emissions.

Brookside (Peoria St)

With pent up demand from Gen X-ers coming into the housing scene we can shift the tide. What this new demographic wants is largely a walkable urban lifestyle. In fact, national studies suggest that 30-40% of total people want a walkable urban lifestyle, and an even larger percentage of younger generations and empty nesters.

And the best part is with Walkable Urbanism MORE=BETTER. In contrast to sub-urbanism, the more people that join this movement the better these areas become. As more people move into walkable areas more restaurants and entertainment open making these areas even more attractive and desirable.

Cherry St. (15th)