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Tulsa Civic Center Plaza

28 Feb

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Downtown Civic Center Plaza and found a quiet time to get some photos this past weekend. This is such a well designed facility in my opinion and it seems like such a shame to see it so underutilized. Many of these buildings are totally vacant since abandoned by the City of Tulsa.

Downtown Autobank and Abstract For Lease!

12 Dec

IMG_6508Things are stirring for the first time in years over at 7th/Boston, downtown. This block, which houses two prime examples of mid-century modern architecture, may see a new era. With both the First National Auto Bank and the Smith Brothers Abstract buildings officially For Lease these buildings may still have a bright future.

Fairly major construction is happening at the Auto Bank in preparation for occupancy. This morning, two masons were chipping away at the concrete parking structure and told me they had been tasked with repairing all of the damage. We agreed this was no small task with years of neglect and poor patch jobs of the past. The structure seemed sound but there were a number of major holes that will need to be filled and everything resurfaced.

Also, there were other signs of work since last weekend -  when we tried to tour these building with the TulsaNow tour. Lighting fixtures cover the lobby floor and they have began repainting the staircase. It appeared they’d selected a red color, which I’m not so sure about, so hopefully they agree and go back to the white.

I had a chance to visit with the Real Estate Broker on the phone, who seemed very interested in finding sensible uses for these buildings as well. He indicated they were going to be removing the drive-through lanes of the bank to make the lower parking area more usable, while leaving the upper level parking structure intact.

He seemed open to splitting up the Tom-Tom room (upstairs of the bank) and the lobby portion, which may allow two different businesses occupy the space. He suggested a coffee shop or restaurant in the bank lobby.  He seemed very cordial and I hope to meet with him next time he is in town to see how we can assist in finding good uses for these great facilities. I hope to at the same time get some interior photos to share. I’ve been wanting to see inside of these places for years:)

So keep your eyes on these guys and feel free to share anything else you might know about the situation.


Living in HIFI Recap

23 Jun

Our first official home tour, Living in HIFI, was a success! Thanks to the homeowners who not only graciously opened their homes to a bunch of strangers but had also obviously worked very hard in preparation. In total we had six homes within the Lortondale subdivision open this summer evening of various condition, taste and flavor. All were a great pleasure to stroll through, examining the original construction as well as the various updates made over the 50+ years of everyday living.

The after party at Dustin Thames home also went very well. An eclectic group stuck around as the sun set and enjoyed delicious grilled burgers, frosty beer and other accoutrement. The evening I feel was very special to many as our collective appreciation for modern design was shared this evening. Reminiscing about what Lortondale had been in its past and what it had become, the mood was very nostalgic yet still forward thinking. Those that were there seemed to share an appreciation for good design, good taste and a recognition of the good life.

A Special thanks to all our sponsors for their donations, the homeowners for opening their homes and everyone who purchased a ticket and attended this event.

Please enjoy this all encompassing photo set. I may try to break these up per home at a later date. I also hope to share specifics as to ticket sales and money raised.