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CHiT|CHaT: Multi-disciplinary artists speak

6 Oct

This sounds like fun. Nick Tells me, “It’s going to be phenomenal!!!!”

chit chat tulsa

CHiT|CHaT: Multi-disciplinary artists speak about their work. Ten presenters display 20 slides for 20 seconds a piece.

Presentations will include photography, graphic design, furniture, architecture and more.

PARK(ing) Day Tulsa Event – Sept 18

16 Sep

FINAL PARKing Day Site Map and Description

Parking spaces around the globe to be temporarily reclaimed for people

Tulsa, Oklahoma September 18, 2009 — In cities around the globe today, artists, activists and citizens will temporarily transform metered parking spaces into public parks and other social spaces, as part of an annual event called “PARK(ing) Day.”

Originally invented in 2005 by Rebar, a San Francisco art and design studio, PARK(ing) Day challenges people to rethink the way streets are used and reinforces the need for broad-based changes to urban infrastructure. “In urban centers around the world, inexpensive curbside parking results in increased traffic, wasted fuel and more pollution,” says Rebar’s Matthew Passmore. “The strategies that generated these conditions are not sustainable, nor do they promote a healthy, vibrant urban human habitat. PARK(ing) Day is about re-imagining the possibilities of the metropolitan landscape.”

Since 2005, the project has blossomed into a worldwide grassroots movement: PARK(ing) Day 2008 included more than 500 “PARK” installations in more than 100 cities on four continents. This year, the project continues to expand to urban centers across the globe, including first-time PARK installations in South Africa, Poland, Norway, New Zealand and South Korea. “Urban inhabitants worldwide recognize the need for new approaches to making the urban landscape,” says Rebar’s John Bela. “PARK(ing) Day demonstrates that even temporary or interim spatial reprogramming can improve the character of the city.”

Over the four years of PARK(ing) Day, participants have broadened the scope of PARK installations to fulfill a range of unmet social needs. “From public parks to free health clinics, from art galleries to demonstration gardens, PARK(ing) Day participants have claimed the metered parking space as a rich new territory for creative experimentation, activism, socializing and play,” says Blaine Merker of Rebar.


Visit the TFA Archives July 1st

18 Jun

modern tulsa event

Come put on your white gloves (literally) and see original photos and blueprints of classic Tulsa modern architecture. Should be fun! Thank you TFA for hosting this event. White gloves provided.

Tomorrow’s Event – How to get there.

7 May

We have had wonderful response regarding our up and coming event and anticipate a huge turnout of genuinely interested people tomorrow. Now as long as the weather cooperates we are going to have a blast. Well, we will probably have a good time in any case though a sunny day would be nice.

I wanted to inform you that the address of the event is 6259 S Jamestown Ave. rather than 6529, as the first version of our flier stated. Please see the map below. Head for the green ellipse rather than the arrow. I will post some signs around the neighborhood as well.

I am personally very excited to get to know all of you I have yet to meet. See you all tomorrow! – cole

modernTULSA debut

2 May

Join us May 8th for an evening of food, drink and design as we celebrate the debut of modernTULSA.
modern tulsa event