Modern Tulsa Architecture

Tulsa, OK has a diverse architectural history and is home to world class examples of Gothic, Art Deco and Modern Architecture. This site is dedicated to Tulsa’s modern architecture, past and present, and aims to protect our recent past as well as promote unique and progressive architecture in the city of Tulsa. Tulsa boasts a fair number of mid-century modern homes, subdivisions, commercial buildings and public spaces. Stay tuned for architectural related information including events, news and photos.

Mission Statement

Modern Tulsa is a volunteer endeavor focused on enhancing the appreciation of Tulsa’s 20th Century Modern Design and Pop-Culture Heritage. Operating as a committee of the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture, Modern Tulsa aims to perpetuate Tulsa’s Modern Heritage via promotion, preservation and education.

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Please get involved and read our blog, help us take photos of modern buildings around town and share your knowledge of Tulsa’s modern architecture. We are currently seeking contributing authors and photographers. If you have any relevant news please submit or contact us. Otherwise, please stay tuned for more about Tulsa architecture.